Trick To Speed Up Your Jio Internet


Hiii Friend I am back with new trick. In this trick you will see how to speed up your jio internet without rooting your device. Trick To Speed Up Your Jio Internet

Trick To Speed Up Your Jio Internet

Method 2 :-

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* . (Almost work in all devices)
  2. Then 1 page will open .14215723_1603197089976831_266012191_o
  3. Click on Phone Information1 .
  4. Then Again 1 page will open .


5. Then Select TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA and LTE.

6. Now Use The Internet.

7. The speed will automatically increase.

8. Enjoy!!!!

Trick To Speed Up Your Jio Internet

Method 1 :-

Brought a new Jio connection/LYF device . When you buy you get 20-30mbps and Now getting less then 4mbps ? I have got a possible Fix for you. This trick is only works in Mediatek Device(Flame 1 , Flame 2 etc).


Test this trick on your own risk. I won’t be responsible for bricked device, zombies in your backyard etc.


Reliance Jio – Owned by Mukesh Ambani is a new feat into India’s Telecom Indusrty Plannig To Distupt The game here. Inculding a turbulence in the telecom indusrty that can possibly last for next 2-3 year . Jio is rolling out the service across# different LTE band pan India. They Are as specified Below,

  • 1 Band 5 (850Mhz)
  • 2 Band 3 (1800Mhz)
  • 3 Band 40 (2300Mhz)

#Better Speed Band40>Band3>Band5

Jio offer around 50mbps in band 40, 18mbps in band 3 and 8mbps in band 5. But your device drifts away from preliminary coverage area, it tand to latch on to the band 5 which is the slowest of them all. So if you’re getting slow speed , you’re on band 5. The only solution is to disable the band 5 and force the device to get connected with band 40/band 3.

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Before starting make sure to select LTE only mode.

Steps To Follow:-

  1. For Device with MediaTek Chipset :Download the app “MTK Engineering Mode” From Here  and Open it.
  2. Select ‘MTK Setting’
  3. Now Select ‘BandMode’
  4. Select Sim Slot which you want the device to serve 4g band (if your device support dual sim).
  5. Now scroll down to ‘LTE mode’
  6. Untick all other band except Band 40.
  7. Press SET

For Devices with Qualcomm Chipset Try out(NOT TESTED)

  1. Download The App Shortcut Master (Lite) From Here And Open it
  2. Go to menu > select ‘Search’
  3. Type in Service Menu or Engineering Mode & Search
  4. Select ‘System app’ for more specific
  5. If Found then open it & access to change LTE Bands If that doesn’t work,
  6. Dial *#2263# From Your Device
  7. Select Menu & Click ‘Back’ Link
  8. Again select Menu > then ‘Key input’ Then enter:0000 & Ok
  9. Wait few second for service Menu pop up
  10. Select ‘UE setting and info’>setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> Only select band you need (Band 40).

Trick To Speed Up Your Jio Internet

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  1. i have lyf phone with qualcomm chipset. that shortcut lite method doesnt work. when we type – Service Menu – no results found.
    and on dialling *#2263# , it shows ‘ connection problem or invalid mmi code”

    im getting only 100-130 kBps speed

  2. ur trick for Qualcomm chipset not working on my phone moto x play..I only get now 30-40 kpbs speed nd in speed test app shows 2mbps downloading to increase it tell me.

  3. Doesn’t work in Moto x play and the network information is not as shown in your screenshot,showing something different,how to proceed with this!!!..

  4. bro i was literally frustated coz my jio speed reduced to 20kbps….
    after using ur second method it increased instantly…
    thnx alot bro….

  5. All these vpn, band and other things didnt work for me…but i found a SOLUTION

    jio gives high speed(26 mbps is the highest i have got) to these sites;
    .google, google play, youtube, and jio apps.

    on other sites it gives less than 2 mbps per connection.(approx..may vary)
    to counter this 2 mbps limit u should not download only 1 thing at a time..but should download 8(or more) things “AT THE SAME TIME”.

    this will give almost 1 to 2mbps to each download individually…
    which means u get (2 x 8)mbps….16 mbps..or more at the point of time

    prefer using idm(use jio network on pc or laptop through tethering. and prefer usb tethering)…(this trick works on mobile as well).
    works all the time

  6. For lyf 1 ~Download mediatek app mentioned above and then go to android settings where u can find phone information. Select it and u can change network type as per method 2… Worked for me.not fast but good speed.. thanks kc

  7. I am using redmi note 3 now. Is there any better option than the above mentioned option?
    What happens to 4g internet speed when the LTE only or LTE and TD Scdma options are selected

  8. I have lyf water 8 … Can’t select band 40 by any method I tried almost all methods like mtk engineer mode shortcut master and all codes
    Pls help me

  9. WTH, after i did above process for mediatek and restarted phone, now it is saying no SIM card in my phone

    Please confirm what happened, how to fix it