You would have looted a lot of free recharges & vouchers with our tricks. But do you remember the Ringo App Loot of the last year??? Yes, you are thinking correctly. Ringo app had made us all happy by letting us perform unlimited calls to any number all over India & outside too. Today we bring you even a greater loot than it 😉

The year 2018 has just crossed 4 months & we have got many MAHA LOOTS such as Paytmy, Freecharge, BMS, Hike-Amazon, Buy Hatke, etc. Maybe there are many more to come for the whole year & who knows that maybe this year becomes the best year for all the looters 

 But I guarantee you that today’s MAHA LOOT is even more significant than these. So get ready to loot the BIGGEST MAHA LOOT of the year 2016!!! Why is it the biggest?!?!?! The title would have given you a clue, but you will know it entirely as you will continue to read the full post.

Primo is the messaging app that’s also an alternative to expensive phone plans. You get the best of messaging apps and phone service with Primo. Make free international calls to over 3 billion people around the world including:

– Call India mobiles and landlines free.
– USA, Brazil, Canada, & Mexico land & mobiles
– China, Thailand, and Singapore land & mobiles
– Landlines in UK, France, Germany, and much of Europe

Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when you’re not near WIFI or out of data. We go where you go.

In my opinion, Primo App is the best app I have ever used for free calling. Why it’s best? The simple reason is “When you earn 175 Minutes only on signup & get 50 Minutes per referring, there’s no reason to say it bad”. Instead, it’s the best like no other app in the market gives you that much credits for doing almost nothing!! Also, we will provide you with the trick to call your friends & prank them by calling anonymously!!!. Furthermore, you can do unlimited app inbound messages to your friends & also talk them on very high-quality video calls!!

Requirements For The Loot:-

1. Android Phone
2. Human Brain
3. A Girl Friend (just kidding :-p)

Starting With Primo App:-

1. Download Primo App from Here

2. Fill your details & signup for a new account.

3. Verify your number with otp.

4. Till now you would have got 75 minutes in your account. Time to get the rest 100 extra minutes too.

5. Goto the Rewards section of the app.Primo app reward

6. Now add your email I’d, location, hometown & set profile image. These all small & easy tasks will give you a total of 175 minutes (50+125) for free!! Isn’t It Great

**You can check your free credits from the left menu in the app**

Refer & Earn:-

The app also pays you 50 minutes for inviting your friends to the app!

1. Goto Rewards section.

2. Select Invite Friends option.

3. Now share your unique referral link with your friends to get 50 minutes per referring.

4. Your friends will also get 50 minutes as a joining bonus.

Calling From Primo App:-

For calling your friends & family for free, follow the following steps:-

1. Go to the Make call option and select the country code. Like to make a call in India write +91 and then the number or choose a number of the contact list but the contact must start with the country code.

2. Now click on the green call button.

3. The call will be connected within a few seconds now talk without paying a single penny!!

Trust us, the call quality is superb & you will like it very much (Sometimes it takes 5-6 seconds to connect after picking it up from another side).

There is a minor bug in the app. Whenever the receiver rejects the call, the app server still rings on the caller side & not letting the caller know about what’s happening really. The simple solution to this bug is that if anytime you get a call ringing for a little longer, cancel it & recall. It will work fine.

Anonymous Calling All Over The World:-

When we call through the Primo App, the receiver gets a call from a random number every time. So he/she can never figure it out that who requested them. Just use this great feature of Primo App & prank your friends with lots of calls and hilarious information through them & enjoy. 😉We already have a list of some of the crazy info used by our viewers through the Anonymous SMS Bomber. Just use them on your calls now. View it by Clicking Here

Use Primo & Get A Personalized-Private US Number!!!

Yes guys, surprised with a little twist?? The app doesn’t give you unlimited free calling service but also provides an entirely private & personalized US number with each account! You would think that “What’s the use of this number when you have your own??” The reason is again straightforward. You can use this number to verify your account details on any app or website which supports US numbers. Moreover, it will also help you to remain anonymous at those places where you don’t want to share your details openly. Just use this number & you can work anonymously 😉

Unlimited Earning Trick:-

To earn unlimited credits in the Primo App, use the following basic looting trick:-

1. Note down your referral link.

2. Clear data & uninstall Primo App.

3. Change IMEI number, Android I’d & Google Advertising I’d.

4. Reboot your device or use fast boot app.

5. Redownload Primo app with your referral link.

6. Now register for a new account with new numbers & details.

7. You will get 50 minutes in both the accounts.

8. You can earn more 125 minutes in your new account by entering a new email I’d & other all things can be same as the primary account.

9. So you will get total of 225 free minutes (175+50). Now use these for free calling.

Repeat 1-9 steps to get Unlimited Free Calling Minutes.
So now you know why its the BIGGEST MAHA LOOT of this year. Loot it before the offer gets expired. If you have any queries, comment them down!


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