Hey Guys, We are back with an impressive trick from which you can make unlimited FAKE Facebook accounts easily. As you know that many free recharge apps and sites are there, But these apps and websites restrict the user to get signup bonus only one time per device due to the shortage of facebook accounts. To signup, again and again, you need different FB accounts, and for making multiple accounts, you have first to create an email id and verify your phone number. This method waste very much time. So here we are with the trick to make a fake FB account in less than just 2 minutes so that you can loot big rewards

Follow these steps to create fake facebook accounts :

  • Firstly visit here.(it’s a temporary mail site)
  • Now you will see your temp mail on the upper left corner – Copy that email and don’t forget to keep this tab open.
  • Open a new tab and go to facebook and click on create an account.
  • Now enter any fake details and in email id option paste the id which you have copied from temp mail.
  • Now Click on signup and guess what ??? Your fake Fb ac is ready.
  • Now again go to the tab in which temp-mail is already opened and click on refresh option.
  • Now you will see an email from FB to verify your account.
  • Just open the mail and verify your account.
  • You are done.. and yes you can see that you did it in less than even 2 minutes.

So now you can make unlimited fake FB accounts by repeating above steps again and again.



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