How To Activate Reliance Jio Preview Offer In All Phones


Reliance is slowly partnering with the smartphone brands to offer the free Jio 4G SIM card to the buyers. First, it was with a bunch of Samsung smartphones that the offer was available, and now we’re getting to see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users too getting the free SIM offer. Just follow the steps and get Jio sim in which you get unlimited calling and 4G data for 90 days. How To Activate Reliance Jio Preview Offer In All Phones .

How To Activate Reliance Jio Preview Offer In All Phones

STEPS To Get Barcode :-

  • Download Myjio app from here click here MUST TO  GET BAR CODE.
  • Once you download and install that, open the app and you’ll see a list of apps, about 10 of them to install each of them by going to the Play Store.
  • Once you are done with all of this, just turn off your Wifi and Mobile Data both.
  • Then, open the My Jio section and you’ll be able to get the option “Get Jio SIM”.
  • After that turn on your Wifi or Mobile Data.
  • Tap on “Get Jio Sim” and you’ll be seeing the step by step procedure to generate the preview code and how to get the SIM and it’s activation details.

How Verify Jio Sim In Other Phones

  1. Install All Jio Apps beforehand using Wifi or mobile data. Specially JioJoin App.

2. After you grab sim, wait for Sms: Your phone is ready for televerification. It will come by at best 48 hours. For me it took 2 hours only. Put sim in slot 1. Turn internet on in slot 1.

3. Open JioJoin App. Accept permissions. It will automatically verify your sim. (Make sure jio mobile data is on).

4. Now call 1977 using JioJoin App with mobile data on. This is VoLTE Calling. Calling with internet data. Your default Dialer won’t work.

5. Televerify your Sim. You will get internet settings via Sms and some subscription plan Sms within 5 minutes.

How To Activate Reliance Jio Preview Offer In All Phones

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How To Activate Unlimited Data In you Jio Sim 

  1. Make sure that you have installed the version of Myjio app that is given above click here
  2. After that signup on Myjio app using your Jio number (Don’t update Myjio app)
  3. After that turn off your mobile data and Wifi.
  4. Open Myjio app make sure that you will get the option “Get Jio SIM”.
  5. If getting this option then click on sign in and turn your data on.
  6. You have to Signin in Myjio within second else one popup will appear to update Myjio app.
  7. After successful Signin you will see a popup regarding that install these apps to enjoy unlimited data. Just click on SUBMIT to activate unlimited data.

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How To Activate Reliance Jio Preview Offer In All Phones

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  1. I got the sim today by redeeming the bar code for redmi note3 from xpress mini store.
    Hope it will work in my phone.
    Further let you update 8 pm Today.

  2. I got the sim but shows u have exhausted your limit while I used net service no services are given by them for redmi note 3

    • In which state you live.. my city is in haryana and the store person is saying that sim is not available for redmi note 3 till now

    • it will work with old version of myjio app otherwise there are no solution….. I have the same model redmi note 3 and its working…….best of luck from alok@@

  3. mere pass redmi note 3 hai mai bar code lekr store me gaya to store walo ne mujhe sim nahi diya unhone bola redmi walo ke liye ye offer nahi hai….

    • Sorry but this offer is bot available for redmi note 3. The code is generated by bug in the app. Just printout this barcode and go to relaince digital store tell them this barcode is of samsung phone .. jist get them sim and sim is working in redmi note 3 also

  4. I mistankely updated the app and then signed up. I am getting only 2gb, will this be extended to unlimited, olease let me know

  5. I got the sim using the samsung imei. I got it tele verified too. I dialed *#*#4636#*#* and changed it to LTE only on my redmi 2 prime. created a new APN but still no network. HELP please.

    • Update your phone to andriod 5.1 lollipop .. after that you will get volte support in your phone and after updating your phone Put jio in first slot sim. Keep only one sim in phone Go to setting then about phone then tap internal memory 4..5 time. Then new menu popup select 1 sim setting from that new menu which will open itself go there down select only LTE and turn onoff aeroplane mode

  6. I got sms to activate sim.. I also.. Get signals… But when i try to call 1977 they says we are exeperiencing problem in our system.. We are not able to process your call.. Try again later…
    What is the problem…. An there is no option to call from jio join app.. It opens my phn dialer…
    Help me….

  7. I activated sim and.. Its working fine.. Also.. Unltd services also activated… Can i insert now 2nd sim to my phn… Tell me fast… Plss reply… If removed jio sim and again inserted.. Is then my offer get dismissed or not…. I want to insert 2nd sim… My mobile is redmi note3

  8. Sandeep sir i have Xiaomiredmi 2 ,i got a jio sim by this handset but it is not activated ,i had not get activation message for sim about a week ago what to do please help me?

  9. Bhai koi meroko help karo
    Mera mob. Redmi note3 he
    ISme 3gb ram &32gb internal hai likin isme me kaise jio sim paunga .koi to mujhe batao

  10. sir what happen if my phone is not VOLTE supported only LTE supported then can I televerify it using jio join app or I have to use other trick please solve my problem

  11. Hi,

    I have Mi note 3g phone. I am not able to change mtk engineering setting or use 4g sim card to work as 3g. Can you help me on that. I have tried to change network selection but my phone is not allowing me to change as phone process stoped. message : has stopped.

  12. even I downloaded all the apps except than JIO news paper as it is unable to download. still I don’t get any options like get JIO SIM ..

  13. I am not getting ‘Get Jio sim’ option even after installing all those apps in my jio section…what should i do…plz help….i am using redmi note 3

  14. I have redminote 3 i got sim yesterday i have received sms that ur jio sim is active for tele verification after seeing that sms i have put jio sim in mobile but it not showing network of jio just it is showing no service r emergency call only plz help me what should i do now

  15. I have redmi note 3 i got sim 6/9/16 i have received sms that ur jio sim is active for tele verification after seeing that sms i have put jio sim in slot 1 but it not showing network of jio just it is showing no service or emergency call only please help me what should i do now…?